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From the Patton Township Board Meeting

on July 18, 2018:

The property at 1752 N. Atherton Street

was rezoned to the new Mixed-Use Overlay

Ordinance by a vote of


CDT has article with more details here:  

    Even with this vote, Citizen Action

 is still needed !

The Master Plan will be presented soon and will need reviewed.

We need to make sure the Board of Supervisors keep their promise to 

Oversee and 'micro-manage' the

layout of Patton Crossing. 

If you would like be part of the

continuing Citizens Action Group,

please contact us here:



June 11th Mailing from Patton Township to residents living close to Patton Crossing property 

July 6th Mailing from six Patton Township residents to the Board of Supervisors 

Lance Shaner letter that was presented at the Public Hearing

on July 11, 2018

Background Materials used by the Citizens Advisory Committee in the past 8 months.  

"Patton Crossing" is the name of the proposed development on North Atherton Street where the Penn State Mobile Home Park existed for decades.
It was purchased in 2012 by the "1752 North Atherton Street Associates".  This acreage is currently zoned as C-1 and R-3:  The C-1 zone covers the commercial frontage along North Atherton Street (first 200 feet from the street), and the R-3 zone (medium-density residential) is the remaining acreage where the mobile homes were located.  
   In 2017, a proposal was submitted for development on this parcel of land to the Patton Township Planning Commission and the Board of Supervisors requesting a mixed use overlay (combining commercial and residential for the entire property).
The proposal calls for the following:
     1)  up to a 7-story hotel (75-ft maximum height, but can have additional 20-ft                           "landmark feature" above, like a clock tower)
     2)  354 apartments, both over first floor commercial and stand alone structures
     3)  Large grocery store
     4)  Offices for 700 workers
     5)  up to 1600 parking spaces
The original proposal had 3 entrance/exits to this property on N. Atherton, the main being at the existing Woodycrest traffic light (in front of the old mobile home sales office), plus an additional entrance/exit on Park Forest Avenue.
The original proposal for 30.49 acres included 2.1 acres of Patton Township owned undeveloped parkland, but the Patton Twp Board of Supervisors voted in October to not sell that parcel to the developers.   The developers revised the proposal to not include the parkland - the revision for the remaining 28.39 acres now has 2 entrance/exits on N Atherton and altered the Park Forest entrance/exit to right turns only (after the BOS refused to sell the parkland, the developers notified the township of a 60-ft wide access easement on older previous plans from 1969, 1983, & 2002 -  but that easement does not align with their current planned Park Forest entrance/exit).  The Original concept proposal and its latest revision can be viewed here ->